Online Program For Busy Mums

Feel fitter, stronger and more energised. This first in our series of programs will help you to achieve a healthier and more confident YOU

Busy Fit Mums is a 6 WEEK online program for busy mums with time efficient workouts (15-45min your choice) which can be done anywhere. Workouts are pelvic floor friendly with an option to go harder and longer.

As a mum myself I know that your time and energy is limited and that’s why I’ve created this program. Mums often complain that they dont have time to exercise and eat healthy. They think they need a full hour in the gym and totally change the way they eat! They have an all or nothing mentality. They get overwhelmed with all the changes they think they need to make and give up quickly. However having worked with many mums they now know what I know, that they don't...even 15minutes counts (especially if its constant) and making small changes will give you more sustainable results. I created this program so you dont have the "no time" excuse anymore. On the days when you have more time your workouts can last 30-45minutes and on the days when you are running around like crazy you can just workout for 10-15minutes. It will still make you feel good :).

This program will help you to achieve a strong and functional body in a safe way and will save you time with quick workouts. It will also teach you to make healthier nutrition choices by focusing on one nutrition habit at the time.

I see so many programs promoting “getting your pre-baby body back”. But your body didn’t go anywhere, it’s still here just little bit different (during the pregnancy and labour your body goes through many changes from the inside out). But that doesn’t mean your body is worse (just the opposite, it’s amazing, it carried and birthed a little human) or that you can’t be fit and strong again. Busy Fit Mums is about respecting your body and all the changes it went through and getting fit in a safe and effective way.


What does it include?

  • ✓  6 weeks of fun and short workouts which you can do anywhere and you just need a resistance band with the option to work longer and harder
  • ✓  Video library to show you how to perform exercises correctly (explaining breathing and pelvic floor engagement)
  • ✓  Modifications for abdominal separation and pelvic floor issues
  • ✓  Education and tips about nutrition and fitness to help you achieve a healthy and active lifestyle
  • ✓  Weekly recipes
  • ✓  Access to a Facebook group where you will get support from our online community and your coach of course. And where you can ask all your burning questions.
  • ✓  Bonus: PDF version of all the workouts with pictures 
  • ✓  Bonus: Videos explaining how to activate TA & PF, explaining breathing post-birth and how to check for an abdominal separation
  • ✓  Bonus: Weekly cardio challenges
  • ✓  Bonus: Full video workouts in our FB group


All this for just  $45.00 ($7.5 a week), which is 25% off the full price ($59.99). This promo is for the limited time only (till the 24th of December)!


Registration closing 29th of December at midday (AEST)

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The secret to a fitter you is consistency and with our simple and short workouts there are no excuses.


This program is for you if:

  • ✓ You are always too busy to exercise
  • ✓ You dont have time to go to the gym
  • ✓ You dont know where to start
  • ✓ Everyone takes priority except you
  • ✓ You want to get fitter and stronger to keep up with demands of life as a mum
  • ✓ You want to look and feel sexy and confident
  • ✓ You have an abdominal separation or/and pelvic floor issues and you are not sure what exercises are safe
  • ✓ You have enough of diets and you would like to learn how to make healthier choices for you and your family


*Please note for anyone with an abdominal separation and/or pelvic floor issues this program was designed to work alongside the advice provided by your womens health physio. We can keep you safe but please be mindful this program isnt personalised to your specific needs.

Registration closing 29th of December at midday (AEST)

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What others say about us

Heba Shaheed, Women’s health physiotherapist - The Pelvic Expert 

"Magdalena is a passionate and dedicated personal trainer. After her own personal journey through prolapse post-birth she took it upon herself to learn more about the pelvic floor from other pelvic floor fitness gurus and uses her knowledge to help other mums train safely and effectively.
As a women's health physiotherapist it can be difficult to find personal trainers who are well-trained in pelvic floor safe exercising and it is so great to have the pleasure to work with Magdalena."

Kirsty, mother to Freya 4 years and Florence 1 year

"Having completed the 21 day challenge twice I signed up to the Busy Fit Mums program and have thoroughly enjoyed it! This is the perfect way for me to continue to rebuild my strength post baby and beyond and gives me the direction needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The exercise plans suit me down to the ground, fitting in 15 minutes when I'm pushed for time is nearly always manageable and always boosts my mood. The nutritional advice has been really interesting, I've become a little addicted to the beetroot, feta and asparagus salad:) I can honestly say that without your programs Magdalana I'm not sure I'd have the strength or motivation to get through some days being a busy working mum of 2 little girls!! So THANK YOU xx"

Michelle, mother to Meegi 2 years

"Very pleased with the results. I can feel my muscles working when I go out for a walk. My clothes fit better. I have tone. Still a little to lose around the hips but it’s nothing compared to what it was. I’m getter in longer workouts but it’s harder to do as many. And I’m generally more active. I’m enjoying feeling better with eating more protein and salads."

Basia, mother to Remi 3 years and Gabriel 4 months

"As a mum of a toddler and a baby it’s hard to find time for anything! I really wanted to get stronger and have more energy for my little ones and this program helped me to do that. I could choose when to exercise and how long for. I liked the fact the videos were easy to follow. I could ask questions and Magdalena always explained everything. I wasn’t sure my body was ready for some exercises and Magdalena helped me check which ones are safe for me and which ones I shouldn’t be doing just yet. This is so important! I was gaining my strength slowly and gradually with her guidance. There were also nutritional advises and some yummy recipes. Also, my biggest problem was motivation. Seeing other mums commenting and telling which workouts they did kept me motivated-if they can I should also be able to! I’m really glad I did the program and I will continue with the workouts! This was the perfect way for me to start healthier lifestyle after pregnancy and build strength I need to keep up with my little ones. Thank you Magdalena so much for all your support! This was a great experience."

Sarah, mother to Jack 7 years and Isaac 5 years

"Magdalena’s program is awesome, I have learnt so much....not only on specific exercises but overall nutrition and portion controls which have become part of my daily lifestyle. This ‘all round’ well being made a huge difference to how I felt - I really started to feel stronger from the inside, which made me feel great. The program is so flexible that it fits in with my busy working mum schedule, sometimes I do more and sometimes so do less, depending on my commitments that day. "

Erin, mother to Leah 2.5 years and Chloe 4 months

"I've been loving the workouts and at the end of the program I am going to save them all somewhere and keep going with it as much as possible.

I would (and have) recommended it to friends. I am amazed at the value and everything we have gotten in the program. I love that we can do it all at home and I find your videos great."




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